[ENG] Atomic S9 vs Head iSL vs Volkl Racetiger SL

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[ENG] Atomic S9 vs Head iSL vs Volkl Racetiger SL

Beitrag von opkbv » 18.01.2018 10:31

Greetings from Romania !
Hope you guys can help me on this matter...I am in the position of choosing between 3 slalom models Volkl Racetiger SL UVO 2017 (maybe even 2018) vs. Head WC Rebels i.SL 2018 vs Atomic S9. I admit that I have been skiing on Atomics since ever, but I want to try something else. Moreover, I was a little disappointed with the Doubledeck 3.0 SL 2017 model. It was heavy and it seemed quite difficult to switch from edge to edge (at least for me), despite the smallest radius in the category. Also, in the last third of the turn they felt unstable, especially on hard surfaces.
I have rented some Head SL.RDs for 2 days of skiing and they seemed fabulous for me, small reaction time, exemplary behavior on hardpack / ice, stable even in wider corners. The only minuses were 1) that they are exhausting, and 2) at the exit of the turn they strongly rebound - very very reactive. That is exactly why I remove the RD from the start. I'll leave the FIS models for the experts :)
Ok so ... did anyone try the normal i.SL? How about the Racetiger SL? Atomic S9 ? Concerning the Racetiger, I heard only words of praise, although I have never tried them and I have no chance to try them before the acquisition. Same goes for the S9.
Few questions :
Which enters the turn more easily?
Which are more rigid?
Which are more comfortable?
Which behaves better at medium-wide turns?
Which behaves better on hardpack / ice?
Which are more forgiving?
Which is a better Slalom ski in your oppinion ?

I need to mention that my height is 186cm and 80-85kg, good physical condition. Advanced level - 7/8, not pro.

What do you guys think?
Many many thanks !!

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Re: [ENG] Atomic S9 vs Head iSL vs Volkl Racetiger SL

Beitrag von elypsis » 18.01.2018 18:08

opkbv hat geschrieben:
18.01.2018 10:31
did anyone try the normal i.SL? How about the Racetiger SL? Atomic S9 ?
The S9 is compaired to the D3 SL slightly softened. The latter's wide tail needs a lot of power for short turns, but therefore it runs irresistibly on the edge in fast and tight turns - in this aspect it is a real carving machine providing pure addictive potency. The S9 can't offer this. It is more light weighted and thus more effort-saving what will appeal to a wider audience. You should watch this video:

I'm not so familiar with the Head or the Voelkl, but Phil reviewed the lastest Racetiger:

Furthermore you should have the Elan SLX on your wishlist:

All these skis are pure SLs and should relate perfectly to your physis.
My way.

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